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Gardeners meet in Nageswaro Park - mylapore(Sep 14th 2015)

I am full time home maker on my week ends , with no time to spend on my social page opened my FB on Monday morning. The first thing I do there is to check out on my gardening group updates

Shocking surprise to me when I say the cover photo of my gardening group "GROW YOUR OWN VEGGIES"
How can I miss this opportunity to miss this meet with great gardeners of Chennai.
But unfortunately it was my working day . Meeting was from 10 am to 12.00 noon

Here is a small glimpse of that event narrated by vijay and given to me by Mr.Kamalakar Venigalla.
If I miss anything please add to the comment section and correct me if anything is wrong.

The speaker:
Dr. Viswanath is the pioneer of organic terrace gardening in Bangalore.

Minutes of Meeting 
1)Each Gardener Should inspire a person to gardening
2)Do not always look at how you can destroy an insect, see how you can grow a plant that can resist insect attack
3)Potting mix should be 25% sand ,25% VC 25% compost , 25% Coir powder
- Vermi-compost , releases nutrients fast , but also nutrients gets drained faster
- Compost , essential as they release nutrients slowly
- Coir powder - replacement for sand , helps in retaining water and decomposes slowly

4)Liquid Nutrients suggested
- Panchagavya
- Jeevamruth
- Amrut jal
- Beejamruth
There is no defined frequency for providing nutrients to plants, check your plants and based on need or problem provide.

5)Metro Water usage , prepare pot or tank similar to rain water harvesting with different layers and use. Another option is keep the water in sun for a day and use.

6) Watering of plants
U can water the plants daily with a cup or 2 to ensure , waters does not seeps out , but once in a week ensure soil is completely drenched and water seeps out.

7)Smoke once in a while to ensure pests stay away for sometime.

8) Grow good companion plants like mint , garlic with your main plants to reduce pest attack

9) Hybrid is not organic in his opinion, as far as possible try to go for country seeds. Hybrid is crossing of 2 plants , GMO one part is plant and other part could be anything , fish,pig etc. smile emoticon

10) Try to use , what is around you and compost at home.

11) Bokashi Bran is easy to prepare , 1:1 bran(thavudu in tamil) with butter milk should be mixed and kept in an airtight container till u start seeing that white layer on top. Then shade dry it and pack for usage. Anaerobic leach-ate is very good for plants.

12) Learn and grow about micro greens , it is highly nutritious for kids. Ensure you involve your kids in gardening

Though I couldnt attend the session , I was in need to meet atleast Anoop sir

Sharp by 12 noon , I called Anoop Sir , pleading him to wait for some time to meet this poor gardener. And YES he  was waiting for me there along with a fleet of gardeners.

To be just frank , I saw him as a Doctor . I stood before him as a sad patient waiting to get some some remedies for my babies.
When he asked me "How are you?" , I replied him back saying "I am good , but my plants are not good"

Yes my babies were not good. My mom scolded me the entire weekend for spending time in my terrace garden which gets me nothing(according to her).
Though I have this continuous discouragement in my home , I feel happy when I sit with my plants , when they show me some good sign. But this time since my plants were not in good shape , I was drained out completely .

So in this post I am drafting what I learnt in that half-an-hour discussion with Anoop sir and other gardening friends.

I started with my negative story , he asked for my positive story - It boosted me

My negative story for that day : 
My chilly plants & cluster beans after being transplanted are curled unfortunately and got yellow colouration on leaves.
- He said it will be a fungal attack and that is because the soil lacks magnesium and other nutrients.
- Solution for fungal attack : A doctor's prescription values more when you have a proof for it. Yes this time from another gardening friend who got the solution for the fungal attack  through Anoop sir.
Little Chilly paste with turmeric powder . Spray them over the plants by diluting 2 ml with 1 litre water.
- My question was how long will it take for my plant to come out of the attack ? with this spray it may take two weeks 
- Shelf life : 3 days
- Alternate solution : The great 3G Spray(I will document the procedure of this soon in my upcoming post)

My snake gourd has lot of flowers but no female flowers.
- Wait for some more days you will see female flowers(surprisingly the very next day I saw one female flower)

My positive story for that day :
+VE STORY 1: My bitter gourds & Cucumbers are doing good.
+VE STORY 2:I am good at harvesting greens.

People assumption according to the expert:
3G spray:
Though 2.5 ml of 3G spray is effective in 1 litre water people increase the ratio. This could burn plants. Expert says if they are using more they use to dilute them with more soap nuts

Soap nut:
soap nut is an emulsifier It will work on aphids when used plain. Boiling soap nut is not that necessary .If the 3G concentrate is increased then more soap nuts need to be added.

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