Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Story of My First Musk Melon

My Little success in growing my first fruit in terrace garden. Musk Melon is one of my favourite fruit. The refreshing smell itself is enough to make you feel fresh. Growing them was under my experimentation list and I failed every time I sowed them.But this time I throw them along with cluster bean seeds. Ola !!! they germinated and dominated cluster bean. They are easy to germinate from seeds . All you need to do is save your melon seeds next time when you buy these fruits from shops. 

Why do I experiment on this fruit @ home when I get it cheaper in shops?
This can be your mind thought. Though they are in expensive in shops still the pleasure of being home grown is different.Try once and you will love it.

Seed Collection:
So here is the steps you need to do for saving these seeds.

STEP 1: Take out excess juice from the seeds of melon 
STEP 2: Wash them with fast flowing water in sieve . This will loosen the flesh that are holding the seeds together.
STEP 3: Soak them overnight in water. Next day you can easily separate them.
STEP 4: Dry them in semi-Shade 
STEP 5: Store them in container(Squirrels and rats love this seeds. Dont mess with them by drying these seeds outdoor)

Growing Musk Melon.
I soaked the seed over night and kept in paper towel for germination.
They germinate faster than other melon(This is my observation, may differ according to your variety)
Plant them directly in your grow bag. I think I chose a smaller bag, so I got a smaller size melon.
My potting soil is red sand + cow dung + neem cake . Boosted with vermi compost and bone meal once in 15 days
I don't have place for them to grow on ground , so they started growing vertically.
Weeks later I saw medium sized flowers near every leaves.
I found a difference between a flowering structure of a melon family plant and a gourd family plant.
Melon - gets two or three male flower along with one female flower in most of the leaves 
Gourd - gets male flowers first on their main branch and female flowers on lateral branch
I hand pollinated my melon flowers since I lost some female flowers because of zero pollination

You can let your fruit grow bigger in size and finally harvest them once they turn yellow.

Pest Problems which I faced:

Blanket worm(Kambali poochi ) came for the smell of these leaves.
Expert Advise : 
1.Spraying detergent soap water[only on the insects - as your plants cant take the chemicals of your detergent]. Using this will kill the worm at one shot.
2.Spraying soap nut water : 1 soap nut soaked in water and when sprayed will paralyse these worms . You have to take charge in picking and killing them.
3.Burn them : old method of handling these worms . Pick them and burn it. Be a killer yourself with fire.

My yield:
1 fruit per plant. This is because I lost two fruits because there is no pollination. I will update this post with my subsequent post.

End Result:
Made a great smoothie for my son out of my first harvest and got ready to sow my next batch.

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