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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Cook With Your Own Veggies

Recipe 14 - Mint Pulav:
Yet another day in my kitchen with my home grown stuffs. This time my refresher became todays heroine

Recipe 13 -Musk Melon Juice :
Curiosity - this made me to buy that fruit. With no idea on how to make juice out of this melon, I tried my very own way of musk melon which later turned out to be the actual way of making musk melon juice. 

Recipe 12 - Simple sandwich with Lettuce :
When I saw the freezer lettuce in market for 150 rs ,my hands never reaches them as they are costly and we are not that typically English family to eat them as plain salads every day. They end up as waste every time I buy. So I was making sandwiches and burgers without them. But this time my garden gives me this lovely greens to further enhance the beauty of my sandwich....

Recipe 11 - Fried Bitter Gourd:
I started loving bitter gourd only after tasting this recipe. Every time want to try bitter gourd fry with my home grown vegetable, but since I have only two plants at home, the quantity wont be enough for a family of three. But still my mom  made this dish for me

Recipe 10 - Stuffed Bitter Gourd Curry :

After successful harvest of my bitter gourds, I posted my mom style recipe. With all your wishes under the comment section , I also received a small note from a wonderful lady  about her stuffed karela recipe. Without any hesitation she said she will share her recipe.

This is the story of my bitter gourds with Girija's wonderful recipe.

Recipe 9 - Bitter Gourd Tamarind Curry :
I started drafting my recipes to make sure I am not loosing any of her recipe.This tamarind curry is one among that. Though it sounds easy to many, I used to have tough time in maintaining the proportion or consistency. May be I wont do that again after drafting the recipe....

Recipe 8 - Methi Muthiya:
I have heard parents telling that their kid's wont touch any food that is green. Very true who likes such goooiee ... bitter ... food. But mom's are always the best packers to pack these nutritious greens into our diet. When Methi grow chart reached me through Tina, I searched for recipe first rather seeing the contestant name.

This recipe is from Renuka Aghi.

Recipe 7 - Methi Pulav :
This is a story of "my gardening friend -Lakshmi Krishnamurthy's Methi" .

When I asked her permission to write her recipe in my blog , she drafted an elaborate note on her pulav making process

I am yet to try this one...

Recipe 6 - Arai Keerai Masiyal :

My Amaranthus were perfect and clean out of all diseases after the seasonal rain this time.My mom who once used to curse me for spending time on my veggie garden , started loving it because of these plants. Any time from now on if she is short of any veggie she goes to my roof , pluck few Amaranthus and makes this curry for that day.Our family started to have greens at least twice a week after having my roof garden. Dear friends , proudly presenting my mother's simple keerai recipe..

mrsroofgardenerkitchen-Arai Keerai Masiyal

Recipe 5 - Aru keerai paruppu:

Want to be little health conscious over time I started tasting it and later liked it....Now being self sustained , I grew even my greens in my terrace.I spent 10 rs for this Amaranthus seeds and now , I can have a continuous supply of fresh greens through out the year...

Recipe 4 - Mint Chutney:
This is my nth harvest of Mint from my garden. I actually cant count the harvest for these refreshing leaves. They go into my lime juice or mom's special biriyani or atleast as a dressing into my dish one day or the other. This time to draft this ladies use , I made this simple mint chutney

Recipe 3 - Peas,Beans Paneer:

Holla!!! My beans plants have started giving its fruits.I Planted 16 but only 3 survived because of rodent attacks.Those 3 are giving as much as they can and I don't want to disappoint them with their harvest.I tried using them in any one of the dish I make regularly. This time they went into my peas Paneer dish.My intention solved here. Hence this name  

mrsroofgardenerkitchen-Beans Paneer

Recipe 2 - Methi Dhal:

As I started growing methi for Le-Grow event I ended up in more methi harvest there by trying to utilize it in my kitchen in different ways. Here is my second story on Methi cooking this time. Methi Dhal, this may also gives little North Indian touch to my cooking, I ended up in this recipe to compliment my roti's for my breakfast 


Recipe 1 - Methi Paratha:

When I started roof gardening and enjoyed my harvest , my only intention was to use them in a right way for right dishes.My blog will always share those dishes that has atleast one home grown veggie from my garden.To listen to my paratha story, kindly click this link below.