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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Le-Grow Season 2(From Dump yard to Green Yard)

Every day sharp at 8 in the morning , I hear sharp whistle sound from the garbage collector in my streets in Chennai . We rush to dump all our garbage in the slow moving tricycle... An old carry bag which was purchased for a rupee or two will be the dust bin cover for most of my neighbors or the fancy garbage bags will be there at their service. All these bins carry one main stuff-"Kitchen Waste"

So What is a Kitchen Waste - Any waste that comes out of your left over veggies , fruits , fish bones , used kitchen Paper towel etc... that are degradable can be termed as Kitchen waste.

Government tried to create awareness of these degradable waste materials to be segregated from individual houses before being dumped into those big garbage lands to make sure they are degraded properly.But AS WE ALL ARE BUSY we end up throwing them along with our non-degradable or slow degrading materials to our garbage collectors.
"India's mounds of garbage can only be overcome through recycling,expert says"
PROBLEM ALARM : CHENNAI METRO - Because of improper garbage disposal entire Velachery stretch is stinking badly.


When me and Tina scratched our brains to launch our next season of Le-Grow we don't want you guys to get bored of the same old growing story. But we were clueless until our energetic "GO GREEN" author - Rishita Sharma came for the rescue. Inspired by her composting post MrsRoofGardener and EdenGarden Owner had a brainstorming session with Rishita. Finally we decided on our next event in Le-Grow.

YES , this time Le-Grow is ON A MISSION... It is on a mission to trigger wonderful terrace gardeners like you to start composting with the help of other composting experts. 

Proudly announcing Le-Grows Mission to make BLACK GOLD


Our very first environmental friendly event that lets you to make your own compost and also saves our environment. Only 15 per cent of household waste in India is recycled - says expert statistics.

If your Kitchen waste is going to fill your own grow bag in your terrace garden then why not they increase the recycling rate of INDIA...


Sign in the form below to change this statistics . Let show to other Indian's that we are changing the statistics. All we need is an OLD BIN and daily scraps from your kitchen.

Registration closes by 4th of September , 2015.

Keep watching mrsroofgardener for more updates on your mission

Proud Gardeners: Benit Amala , Tina Santhosh and Rishita Sharma

Reference Links:

Le-Grow Season 1 - Final Result

Announcing the WINNERS of Le-Grow Methi Marathon

Lakshmi Krishnamurthy


    Krithiga  Karthik 

We are appreciating the participation of three other wonderful Ladies..

We are thanking our very proud partner 

for a great encouragement through their valuable sponsor ship

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Le-Grow Season 1 -Choose the best Success story in Le-Grow Season 1

After hearing our failure stories are you guys eager to see the success stories.
Here I am today to let you know the success stories of our 8 contestants, 
who are in the race for this season.Vote for your best contestant based on their stories written below:...

Last date : 31st of August

Success in Krithiga Karthik:
Here is a summary of her beautiful Methi Story.I liked her portrait very much , i even thought of ignoring her infected methi snap, but for our better reference here is her story summary 

Potting medium NA
Fertilizers used               : NA   
Sowing stage                 : soaked for one day Sowed on AUG 2nd 
Germinating stage     AUG 6 - Germinated
Vegetative phase            : NA
Recipe Methi Dhal(Andhra Style)[I have linked my version]
Purchased Items            : NA
Problems Faced              :  Fungal Growth[ Addressed by avoiding excess                                                  water and giving more sunlight ]

Success in Geetha Gopal:
Here is a summary of her beautiful Methi Story.It is the most cheapest propagating method over all in this season. Growing  in normal sags.....

Potting medium soil, coco peat and compost
Fertilizers used               : NA   
Sowing stage                 : soaked for one day and then dried before sowing
Germinating stage     3-4 days
Vegetative phase            : moved the bag to direct sunlight to promote                                                    growth
Recipe : NA
Purchased Items            : NA

Success in Lakshmi Krishnamurthy:
A sportive story of Lakshmi.... My tummy says hungryyyyyyy on seeing this pulav every time... 
Potting medium :1:1:1 coco peat: compost & fertilizer: soil.
Fertilizers used       :organic cow manure
Sowing stage : Seeds soaked for 2 days and soaked on Aug 1st
Germinating stage : Aug 5th germinated
Vegetative phase : Aug 10th true leaves appeared
Recipe : Methi Pulav

Purchased Items : Vermicompost(1Kg) - Rs 60/-
                                 Cocopeat                 -Rs  20/- 
                                 Cow manure(1Kg)    -Rs  20/-

Success in Mala:

I am in love with her planter over all..... 

Potting medium mixture of cocopeat and red soil(1:1)
Fertilizers used               : NA   
Sowing stage                : Half soaked and half dry methi - 1st Aug
Germinating stage     : 3rd Aug germinated
Vegetative phase           : 8th Aug
Recipe :  Methi Kootu(coming soon...)
Purchased Items           :  NA 

Success in Mignonne Solomon:

She is the goddess of non-veggie for me now.. Always felt bad that I couldnt have any non-veg dishes with my veggies.. She solved that problem for me now....

Potting medium :Manure + red mud + coco peat in the ratio 1:1:1.                                           bought separately and mixed together
Fertilizers used               :Cow Manure    
Sowing stage                 : Soaked for a day and half dry seeds added -Aug 1  Germinating stage     : Soaked seeds - 3rd Aug / dry seeds - 6th Aug
Vegetative phase            : NA(harvested ahead of time)
Recipe : Methi Chicken(coming soon...)
Purchased Items            : NA

Success in Raga Sudha:

Mulching for Methi... Quite innovative for such a delicate plant... Guys look out for my post on Mulching soon...  

Potting medium Soil,Sand and vermicompost (1:1:1) along with dry l                                        Leaves and vegetable waste as middle layer and                                              covered with dry leaves for mulching
Fertilizers used               : NA   
Sowing stage                 : Sprinkled the soaked methi seeds and added                                                  dryleaves on top as mulching. 1st AUG 
Germinating stage          : 3rd AUG
Vegetative phase            : 5th AUG - removed few dry leaves used for                                                    mulching
Recipe : preserved by wrapping in news paper
Purchased Items             : NA
Problems faced                : methi seedlings are long in size     

Success in Renuka:

Kara .... kara.... morru ... morru... Its not Bindu appalam Advertisement. Its Renuka's methi muthiya Intro...

Potting medium    : 60% Vermicompost + 40% of coco peat + a handful of                                     perlite
Sowing stage        : Seeds sown,sprinkled water on top and covered with                                       a wrapper for germinating.
Planter Type         : Regular rectangular planter(DRY SEEDS) 
                               Plastic basket covered with foil paper(SOAKED SEEDS).
                               Round small plastic container(SPROUTED SEEDS)
Fertilizers used     : NA 
Germinating stage: DRY SEEDS - 6 DAYS
                                SOAKED SEEDS - 10 DAYS
                                DRY SEEDS - 3 DAYS
Problems faced      : seedlings collapsed in one container , kept in sunlight                                       and saved to some extent
Recipe                    : Methi Muthiya
Purchased Items   : Vermicompost(10kg) -  Rs 150/- 
                                Cocopeat(5kg)          -  Rs 200/-.
Perlite(250 gm)         - Rs 60/-.
                                Methi seeds(100 gm) - Rs 20/-.

Success in Sheela:

Cant edit even a single word from her write up... So finishing my top contestant list with her writings

Potting medium :
"I made the potting mix myself with red soil, VC,regular compost in 2:1:1 with a bit of cocopeat and                           handful of neem powder".
Fertilizers used               : Vermicompost+ Bokashi leachette foliar spray and                                           soil drench   
Sowing Story                   : 
"I used regular methi seeds from my kitchen and                                 soaked them overnight. On the morning of Aug                                1st, off went the puffed up fellows in 3 pots I had                              prepared beforehand. I like a close-knit family,                                  so sowed the siblings densely and covered them                                lightly with another layer of potting mix. Watered                              the pots lightly to keep them moist n happy."-  She said 
Germinating Story           : 
"Dutiful as they are, they all broke the ground and came up like champs on the third day. They looked like little weight-lifters, posing for a good pic. I obliged and clicked. " - I imagined her giggles 
Vegetative phase            :
"True leaves started appearing after about 12 days. Kept them in a sunny spot where they get morning sun. They were looking pretty n I was looking happy. Then one morning I woke up to see a huge guava sitting in one of my pots, crushing many of my seedlings under it's weight. It was probably a gift from a passerby, generous squirrel. We have many of them here. With a heavy heart, I removed the guava to assess the damage n damage there was. Some of the seedlings had broken. I would've felt a little better if at all that guava was ripe, but NO! No use crying over split milk, so I let them be. and the surviving seedlings started doing reasonably well. n Then came the unexpected, big Bangalore rain yesterday. Drenched all my pots like crazing. I rescued them before they were plastered beyond repair, but the bucket sized rain drops did leave some marks. But my methi girls n I are not giving up yet. Come morning, they raised their heads, swished their skirts in the morning breeze dried their hair n posed for a pic again. And I just clicked! Here they are. Attaching complete pics separately."
Recipe : Methi paratha[Linked to my version] 
Purchased Items            : 
She says "I added a little bit of VC once after 15 days and spray them with bokashi leachette on alternate mornings. I use Ecobin for bokashi composting which cost me Rs. 1900/- I've a VC unit, so not expense there".
Problems Faced              : Except for the Guava n rain attack, no problems

Friday, 28 August 2015

Le-Grow Season 1 - Failure stories in growing Methi

We fail many times before we started to walk.We are still cute little babies(I know you are smiling now) in gardening. But still we will make it one day.Yes the failures in us , makes us to move forward step by step each time.

Presenting you all the warriors(including me) who failed in their battle field but bounced back or still waiting to bounce back soon with victory flag

Failure story of MrsRoofGardener:
With an intention of not to spend a single penny for this methi growing contest I started my first day with an old 2 liter lizol bottle nicely converted into my planter. 

I thought of sharing my experience in growing methi from two ways :

  1. Direct sowing of seeds and 
  2. Soaked seeds sowing.
When I was filling my planter with seeds , I had excess seeds that are soaked . Not to waste them i sow(sorry.. i literally threw) them near my rose plant. Here is my small imaginative conversation between me and my rose plant.. pinky.

I waited eagerly to see who is going to come first . My bad timing , I kept them outdoor and most of my seeds washed away in rain. My lizol bottle remains empty even after 3 days of sowing.

Surprisingly, I saw small spouts near my pinky after four days . Least bother to see them , I was worried that I failed in growing Methi again. I soaked them again in a paper towel . this time I thought of trying with well sprouted seeds.

Days later , I saw my Methi plants are growing well ... not in my lizol planter but with my pinky.. Lush green sprouts arise and they continue to grow .

Gave a top up booster of cow dung (from my vendor) manure in 2nd week and waited for Aug 22nd to harvest.

I left few greens to pinky , they will be the green manure for her

Pinky's thanks was shown days later with two good blooms from pinky for the very first time from the purchase day

So MrsRoofGardener faced failure this season and also bounced back with success in this season. Here are few other warrior stories....

Failure story of Mona:
I was so eager to see the result and I stepped into first step for growing Methi.I took the attached photo on 3rd day of Aug.  It was growing very nicely, but it got spoiled because of monkey:(In our area, we have that problem.  Ours is a common terrace so not able to do anything else to cover the area.  So I am failed in this.

Answer From MrsRoofGardener:
Monkey's Attack     : You can avoid them by covering you methi containers with thin transparent plastic sheets until they germinate. This will act as a green house too for your plants

Idea from Internet  : 
1. hang some colorful rubber snakes in polythene helps for sometime till a intelligent MONKEY finds out the truth..
2. dry  fish  seems to give excellent result.sealed small packets with boneless dry fish pieces kept around the field will irritate monkey's it seems.(Hoping you to be Non-vegetarian)
3. Low cost technique is bursting fire works like atom Bombs 

Failure story of Padma:

I started with gusto but too many things came up and I was not able to document thoroughly.  The methi patch also went through a lot of stress and is struggling.

Answer From MrsRoofGardener: 
Padma, may be for our next season of Le-grow TAKE ONE PRINT OUT AND HANG IT RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR PLANTS . Hope u will remember to document them right away.

Failure story of Hima Teja Kurra

I lost my Methi as food for birds

Answer From MrsRoofGardener:

Idea from Internet:

  1. Netting method: Try using mosquito nets for your small greens they wont cost you much I think.I used to keep my seedling tray in one of my bed-rooms, for that sake . Later I used to protect them under my bitter gourd creeping area
  2. Reflection method:I remember once Tina telling me that she tried this method to scare squirrels. Hang them in your garden . They will be flashy too.
  3. Scary balloons : Have you seen farm lands with weird face dolls( In Tamil we used to call Sola katu bommai- Corn fields dolls) or white flags in paddy field. Try them...
  4. Mylar streamers:We cant hire cheer girls to hold these flashy streamers but still we can hang them some where in our garden Try them too ... 
  5. Friendly way: Give them their share to live their life in our planet . I hope they will be happy and you too...I kept this self made bird feed for this purpose and now pigeons and squirrels are enjoying their daily food without disturbing my plants

Failure story of Sheethal

My methi planting doesn't work out well.I haven't used anything except soil to grow the methi.

Answer From MrsRoofGardener:
Soil by itself holds some nutrient by default. The manures we add are just boosters to enhance the nutrition available to our plants. From the pics I could find that your soil is so hard to break for those tiny little sprout. Next time for growing Methi , try using the potting mix recipe given by Me or Tina.

Dear friends , if you are one among these warriors please share the sad story with us. We will try to eradicate those issues next time. Looking forward for expert comments on our failures.

Saturday, 15 August 2015


One fine day Tina called me.....  
"I have to tell you some good news"
With no big surprise and one hour later I pinged her back asking what was it.

She said we got sponsor for our event.... Oyeee no kidding come again...
Dear friend if you cant believe what you read just now, read again.

Do you remember Tina's final statement when she first announced the event. 

"Who knows you may have a surprise at the end of the run."

Yes this is that suprise for you as well as for me and tina.

We thought of choosing two great participant of this event as winner and announcing their names . But things ran so easily for us that our sponsor have decided to gift them with loads of goodies, of course they are gardening goodies...

Here are the answers for few question that are running in your mind

1.Who is sponsoring?  


2.Who is JustGrow?

They are the leading Manufacturer, Trader, Supplier and Wholesaler of Coir Products, Grow Bag, Neem Oil, Mulch Mat, Bird Nest and many more. To know more about them click here

3.What will they sponser?
Complete grow kit for 2 plants
Ha.. ha... I know you are in for a big suprise..Read more...

4.What do you expect to have in your grow kit?
You can get complete kit consisting of grow bags , coco peat, Vermi compost , Fish meal , Bone meal , Neem cake , Pongamia cake and two seed packets 

Amazing isn't!!!!

Never too late friends , keep documenting your answer sheets given before. Dont forget to mail them to

You can be a winner of this wonderful grow kit..

With a clear destiny in mind and a great trust in Mother nature me and Tina started this Le-Grow marathon - Season 1.We started small with a mindset to Change the history of Terrace Gardening , Today we are happy to utter that we reached next level.

On this day Google remembering Dandi March but I am remembering the last band(green) in our national flag .The color that shows Indian's fertility, growth and auspiciousness of her land. 

Dear Gardeners being Organic will be the best tribute to our country as we are trying hard to increase our mother nature's fertility & growth by respecting her auspiciousness 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Growing Methi(Le-Grow Season 1)

My Marathon started on 31st of July, 2015 around
12  am ..
YES! Its starts from there. Invitations sent and message delivered to all participants .
To a matter of fact even I am a participant here. So here is what I did for growing my Methi for this marathon
I will keep updating this post as and when my Methi grow.

Here are some questions asked by my gardening friends. I am not an expert to answer all, but would like to share something of what i learnt in this year.


My view
1Do I need to plant the Methi which is available in our kitchen or Should I  get it from outside?

Methi can be sown from your kitchen collection.But make sure they are not roasted. Vendors used to roast these grains to extend their shelf life. Generally roasted spices wont germinate . So soak your seeds and see whether they germinate. If not you have to get non-roasted ones
2 How many cms deep I need to plant these Seeds ?

I generally fill my planter with the potting mix , sow these seeds and cover them with little loose soil for 1 cm. Methi seeds loves sunlight(not direct though). So its better to sow them shallow in your planter and cover them with dry leaves or saw dust
What pot sizing needs for these plants?

You can grow your Methi in an old room cleaner bottle(2 litre) / Sweets container / meal containers / shallow tray measuring 4 inch deep.
How to water these plants?

Avoid cold, wet soils as these will cause fenugreek seeds to rot.You can plant them as a supporting crop for plants which require more nitrogen as these are legume, fenugreek adds nitrogen to the soil, making it useful as a cover crop restoring nitrogen to the soil. 

Here is my Story on growing Methi. Requesting all my friends to update the sheet as and when your plant grows for better observation

Name of the plant grown: Methi
Duration of the Run:
  • Start Date:1st August 2015 
  • End Date  :22nd August 2015
Potting medium:
  • My planter – 2 liter Lizol bottle cut on one side with two holes on its handle.
  • Potting Mix – Home made.(Layered bottom of the planter with my kitchen waste, red soil , cow dung , vermi compost , bone meal)
Fertilizers used:
  • Cow dung(from milk vendor) ,
  • Vermi compost( got for 15 rs from spaces redefined) ,
  • Bone meal(horticulture society , Chennai)
I have given the Slideshow of my methi growth for your reference. Will be updating as an when required


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Le-Grow Season-1 Participants

Creativity Lead to thinking, 
Thinking Provides Knowledge,
Knowledge makes You Great.
                                                                  – Dr.A.P.JAbdul Kalam

I am not a big follower of Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam. I never read any of his books. 
I fall under a category of people who praise them after they are no more
But one phrase attracts me every time I used to see him
I always dream BIG and I used to get nicely every time from my Mom.

But this time I made my DREAM come true, but unfortunately that great man is no more.
My Boss was mourning with a message "RIP Sir (Return If Possible)" to Dr.Kalam.
If he return I should convey my message that I made my dream come true.

August 1st onwards me and our participants are not just a gardener , we are a competitive gardener.

Today Morning I got a fiery comment on FaceBook stating that they will complain it in FaceBook if I am posting an event with some charge.
I am answering them in this post. 

Dear Friend(s), Me and Tina started this event like a Free Toy Shop.
Our Toy Shop has no toys but just two sales girls( he he he me and Tina are sales girls)
We neither give those toys for free not for some cash , but we intended to build your own toy.

This Toy which you are going to make , can eat , can breathe ,can be sad and can be happy .
This Toy can make you feel happy , some times sad and some over excited and take it will take you back to your childhood
This Toy also gets hungry , thirsty daily and looks our for delicacies which you are preparing

YES ! , I am talking about a Live Toy which we thought of gifting you by yourself.
The toy is your plants which you are going grow through out this event.

Rules and other details will be mailed by end of today.
Clean your camera lenses for a perfect shoot
Keep us motivated all throughout this event.

For our Great Experts & Readers on FaceBook gardening group,
Thank you for patting and encouraging us when we come up with this event.Your Likes and comments are our success factor. We somehow inspired by each one of yours contribution through out this group.

Keep supporting us continuously and give your ideas for more innovations.

here is our final participants list

2Anil Gaurav52Kunti Khona 102Romi advani
3Anu perla53Kusuma103Rosy Balraj
4Anuja Singh54Lakshmi104Ruchica Bhagat
5Anusha55Lakshmi105Rukmani rajprasad
6Anusha Siddharth56Lalitha Nagarajan106Sagarika
7Aruna57Latha Mahadevan107sakthi
8Aswini58Lavanyagowri 108sandhya
9Babu sk59Leelavath109Sasikala V
10Balaji S60Lincy Inder110Savitha SK
12Brinda62Logeswari112Sheela Sijin
13Chaitra 63Madan113sheethal mahaja
14Chandra Suresh64Madhavi114shiv arora
15charchit singhal65Mahalakshmi Ramakrishnan115Shobha Gangolli
16Chitra Vijay66Mala116Shrish
17Deepa 67Manisha Choubey117Shubha S Acharya
18Deepa Gejo68Manoharan C N118SITA VENKATESH
19Deepak69Mehala rajasekaran119Sivakumar
20Deepti70Mignonne Solomon120sivapriya
21Dencil Fernandez71mohana121sneha abhay hegde
22Dhayalan S72Molshree122sowjanya
23dhivya73Monika Gupta123Sriganesh
24Divya74Mrs. Simpson124srividhya
25Faneela Shivaji75nalina125sudha vairavan
26geetanjali76Nanditha Nair126Sujatha
27Geetha Gopal77neha grover127Swetha jaini
28george78Nidharsana J128Syamala Monie
29Gokul Kesavan79Nithya129Tara
30gowrikavitha80padma sastry130Uma
31Harini81Pavithra Gokul131Uma tmk
32Haritha82PHILIP ARMSTRONG132Uma Venkatramani
33Harsimar83pooja133Urvi Sn
34Hemalatha84Pooja Srinivas134vatsala thomas
36IRWIN THANGACHAN86Prabaavaty136Vijaya Lakshmi
37jacintha87Prabaavaty137Vijaya Lakshmi Vadapalli
38jacintha88Pradnya Shekhar 138Vimala joseph
39Janaki L89Prarthana Bhat139Vipul
40Jeyakumar90Priya Mohan140visa roy
41Jhansi Ravikumar91Pushpa141Vishnu Priya
42Jhimli Ganguly Pandey92R Bharathi142vjbunny
43K Vanisri93Radhika143Yajanika
44Kala Sadasivam94Raga Sudha144yogesh
45Kalpagam Hari95rajalakshmi145Zaineb
46Kamalini Ajoy Kumar96Rajani kukrety
48Kanika Kalia98rajeswari karthikeyan
49kaveri s99ram
50Keerthi priya100Renuka aghi

Please download the growing chart here

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Le-Grow(Learning While Growing)

Gardening Marathon
Dear fellow gardeners,

Does this title sounds like a Chinese martial art?

You may answer YES or NO, but the fact is I am glad to say that we are calling you to show your martial arts in your Roof Garden.

To all the sprouts(new gardeners) out there we are here to give you projects that you can take it up as a challenge among your gardening friends.

          Wait...wait...did u notice a difference today in this post. I mentioned 

                                           "WE" and not "I".
                                           So who joins with 
                                        "ME" to become "WE". 

I am happy to announce that I joined with my fellow gardener, my pal,my group buddy, an energetic mother and the proud owner of "myedengarden" -Ms.Tina Santhosh to conduct this Marathon for all you people who are interested in gardening 

Yes it is a Marathon....
a run towards our passion in gardening a run to become a self sustained gardener a run towards being yourself

Why this marathon?
  • We want to start this event as we found that most of us are new sprouts and would like to have some external push or guidance to start this Kitchen/terrace garden.
  • We noticed that what we grow is not growing according to the theories and expert talks on plants.
  • We noticed that we hardly monitor the plants based on our calendar which resulting in failures on our subsequent attempts.
  • Adding to this we want to encourage all energetic sprouts to enjoy their roof garden without shelling money out of their pocket initially.So Le-Grow is all about learning while growing without spending more money.

What it is about?
It is all about growing one particular plant type for a particular time together(which means we all grow same plant in our garden)and share its growth on daily basis or based on its various growing stage
Growing stage includes :

  1. planter preparation,
  2. medium used ,
  3. seeds used ,
  4. sprouting stage ,
  5. foliage growth ,
  6. flowering & fruiting stage ,
  7. harvesting & cooked stage.

When are we starting this marathon?
We are opening registration from July 28th 2015 to July 31st 2015.So that you can start your process from 1st of August 2015.

Who will be our first green teacher?

Trigonella foenicum-graecum(scientific name) / greek hay or Fenugreek (English) / வெந்தயம்  (in Tamil) /Methi( मेथी  )  (In Oriya,Bangla, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi) /Methya (in Marathi) / menthya (in Kannada)/ Menthulu (in Telugu)/ Uluva (in Malayalam) / Uluhaal ( in Sinhalese) / Shanbalîleh(In Persian)  and Hilbeh (in Arabic) 

Dont get confused, this is how our teacher is called in various languages it seems.To know more check here

Rules to grow this teacher:

1. Use Methi seeds that are in your anjara petti..We mean that are in your home .Hoping it to be a main item in your kitchen storage

2. Use pans or unwanted vessels at home. Old plastic container or pet bottles are also allowed. The idea here is you should not invest a single penny for that

3. Follow the potting mix instructions on the Tina's blog or My Blog or you can use your own potting mix, whatever is flexible for you. Else if you want to grow in soil, that is on ground you can do it too.Please dont forget to mention it while posting

4.The marathon is a 3 weeks run, starting from August 1st

5. You can document the happenings of these 3 weeks by taking pictures[date is must] and update us on the growth and harvest of fresh Methi on last day of the 3rd week(22nd August 2015)

6. You can also write to us on your methi recipe which can be posted separately

7. The outcome will be featured in both of our blogs along with a summary of methi growing and our learnings through this marathon

We are requesting you to put your sincere effort as a student to grow your teacher

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For Methi recipes click here