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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hand Pollination - A short love story in my terrace Garden

The important chapter in my higher secondary classes.After that botany became an old study book for me as I moved to engineering dealing with all theories and formulas. Now after installing my very own organic terrace garden, now all those wonderful terminologies that describes the creator's power in setting up the life cycle of a species are learnt by me every day.Being in a metro ,buzzing sounds of bees and butterflies and other pollinating insects are replaced by the man made inventions. That is a BAD news for a urban gardener like me. Here is a small equation of mine 

NO Insects = NO Pollination = NO Fruits
NO Fruits = NO harvest = NO success 
Recently I was experimenting with snake gourd in my terrace garden and I FAILED. Reason I didn't pollinate them thinking I attracted many insects in my garden. WRONG ASSUMPTION. So some of the Question that arise among us are answered below.

Why we need to hand pollinate?

As per my equation given above ,when your plants face difficulties in setting up fruits from their female flowers , you need to go for hand pollination.

How do I identify male & female flowers?

Here is a small pic that helps you to identify male and female flowers

How do I know that I need to hand pollinate?

When you find that your female flowers are turning yellow and falling off , then its time to get your hands ready for a man(in my case it is lady-made) made love story between your male and female flowers.Here is an array of picture that depicts little more info on pollination.

How to hand pollinate flowers in your garden?

Please check the video 


What to do for self-pollinating veggies?

Shake them/Give them a little make up with your paint brush.

So why waiting rush to your garden and start pollinating them

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